How to keep closer to your customers

Your fencing company has only three markets

This includes Customers, Prospects, and Suspects. To reduce your advertising budget, you must focus on customers first, prospects second, and suspects third.

Most fencing companies do just the opposite. They focus on attracting suspects first; converting prospects second; and finally keeping close to customers third.

The profitable companies focus on customers first.


A customer is anyone who has given you money. This is your smallest market, but your most valuable market. 100% of your profits come from this market. Your goal is to persuade customers to buy from you again and remember you when talking to their friends. You do this by keeping close to them. See the next page for ideas on keeping close.


A prospect is anyone who has called, visited or driven by your business. This is your second most important market. Your goal is to follow-up with them using a variety of creative methods. It is best to put prospects in your pipeline earlier in their buying cycle when they are “cold” prospects so they can become “hot” prospects.


A suspect is anyone who is in your trading area who could and should buy from you—but they don’t know about you yet. Ideally, this should be your least important market. Your goal is to persuade them to give you their contact information so you can start a long-term relationship with them until they become a prospect or customer.

TEST these ideas for keeping closer to your customers!

Reduce your advertising budget by spending the bulk of your time, money and effort by focusing on customers. If you want more details about these ideas, contact us.

If you have great ideas, share them!


  • Put signs on the customer’s property during installation

  • Leave up your signs for as long as the owner will allow

  • After the job, put your company’s name, logo and phone number on the fence using a decal or permanent metal marker

  • Improve your building signs by making them more customer-friendly

  • Hold a “fence palooza” at a bowling alley

  • Hold an open house party in January

  • Clean their fence for free

Direct Mail

  • Mail a birthday card to the owners

  • Mail a birthday card to their kids, the future buyers of your fences

  • Send post cards reminding them of your services

  • Mail a printed newsletter

  • Up-sell them on the NVP Timberland Collection with a direct mailer

  • Mail a thank you note before you send your installers

  • Mail a thank you note during installation

  • Mail a thank you note after the job is done

  • Mail a thank you note on the anniversary of their installation


  • Start a birthday club

  • Teach your customers how to opt-in to a customer-only texting service

  • Do an annual “audit” of their fence

  • Ask for referrals via phone or face to face

  • Make follow-up phone calls every three to six months

  • Visit the customer unannounced

  • Make an appointment and visit them


  • Start a Facebook page; update it often

  • Start a members-only Facebook page

  • E-mail your customers regularly

  • Hold a referral contest

  • E-mail a newsletter

  • Start a tip-of-the-month for extending the life of their fence

  • Post on Instagram, an online mobile photo- and video-sharing site

  • Post on Pinterest where you can upload images (pins) and other content through collections (pinboards)

  • Get listed on



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