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How To Choose The Most Effective Media

What is the best way to reach suspects? A “suspect” is anyone in your trading area who needs a fence—but knows little, if anything, about you. There are four effective types of media for reaching suspects:

1. Direct mail media.

Direct mail works because you can accurately contact specific target markets. It is laser-focused. You can mail fliers, letters, brochures, post cards, etc. There are few limitations with content and format. You could even mail a coconut! I love direct mail because it can be easily measured. It is still one of the best ways to reach a very specific target market. In fact, direct mail has become even more effective since the Internet.

2. Personal media.

Personal media works because word-of-mouth will always be the best media. This is face-to-face—any time you have a one-on-one encounter with someone. Personal marketing is the most effective, yet most expensive media, for reaching suspects.

3. Mass media.

Mass media works because it is an easy way to reach a lot of people at a low cost per thousand (CPM). This includes any media that reaches a big market at the same time such as newspapers, radio, TV, billboards, etc. Even though many fence companies prefer the Internet, mass media is still a very effective media.

4 On-line.

Internet media works because it has become the new yellow pages—potential buyers are searching for you. You must have an on-line presence. I love Internet and social media for three reasons: one, it is ideal to use when people are searching for you; two, it is trackable; three, you can target based on your ideal profile.


Questions and Answers

Which media is best?

It is the media that reaches your suspects at the lowest cost with the greatest return on investment.

What do you measure?

Measure everything that leads to a sale, but do not get caught up the “minutiae of metrics.” The most important question to ask about measuring media: did this media lead to a profitable customer?

Should your fencing company rely on only one media?

No. Even though Internet is new and exciting, traditional media still works. The successful fencing companies use a variety of media.

Is on-line or off-line better?

Use both. Mix up your media. Do not put all your eggs in the on-line or off-line basket. No matter what media you use, you must be able to measure the results. If you cannot measure the media, do not use it.


Which media should you use?

LET ME REPEAT: The best media is any media that reaches your target markets at the lowest cost with the greatest return on investment (ROI).

ROI = sales that lead to profits

Look at the chart above. At the top of the chart, there are two words: individual or group. Ask yourself: are my target markets “out in the open” or are they hiding?

Individual means your target market is out in the open. Meaning: you can reach them without a problem. Your customers, for example, are out in the open. You can reach them. You know where they are.

Prospects are also out in the open, but only if you have been capturing their information.

On the left of the chart, most media can fit into one of two categories: on-line or off-line. You are probably asking: Which media should I use first? Answer: It depends on if you are able to reach one person at a time or only the masses. If you have a mailing list, that is considered reaching one person. If you do not have a mailing list, you must talk to the masses.

MY ADVICE: If I had my choice, I would always prefer individual media versus group media. That way, I can target one person with a customized message.


As you decide which media to use, ask yourself:

1) Am I able to reach an individual or am I able to talk to only a group?

An “individual” is someone you can contact directly. This list includes your prospects and customers—provided you have captured their contact information. Plus, you could contact individuals by renting a mailing list of suspects.

A “group” is when you advertise to suspects using mass media. When advertising to a group, your goal is to persuade them to “raise their hands” and identify themselves.

2) Is online or off-line media the best choice?

On-line: You could use online media to reach an individual by using e-mail or texting. And you could use online to reach a group by doing pay-per-click, banner ads or anything else that is targeted.

Off-line: If you are trying to reach individuals, direct mail is your best choice. If you have an accurate mailing list and an irresistible offer, direct mail media will turn suspects into prospects. However, if you do not have a proven list, mass media is probably your best choice.

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