How To Make Your Showroom Inviting

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression—especially when it comes to your showroom. Shopping for a fence is an emotional experience: people buy with their hearts and then justify that purchase with their heads. Here are some ideas to make your showroom an “emotional” experience:

Show a Variety.

Create smaller, mix-and-match fence displays so that customers can see all the variations and color options you have available. These displays can be hand-held so customers can look and feel them.

Display Low to High

Create a good, better, and best display, utilizing the fence materials that you stock. Customers may sell themselves on going with the higher-priced option if they can see the value for themselves.

Display Variety of


Prominently display samples of colors that attract and draw in the customer. Your customer may end up selecting a different color option, but something that draws them in and gets them excited helps close the sale.


Create a miniature display of gates that highlights your gate and hinge/latch combinations.



Have readily available small samples of actual products in the colors you sell. Sometimes taking a sample home and viewing next to their house helps the customer make a decision.

Create Outdoor


If possible, use the area in front of your business to create an ‘outdoor’ showroom. Set up life-size displays of the fence options you carry so customers can get a feel for what it would be like in their yard. Doing this will create a 24/7 selling tool for your company, even when you aren’t open.

Waterfall Display.

Build a ‘waterfall’ type display with fences spaced close together. One suggestion would be to build a 6’ tall fence highlighting one style, then directly in front of it build one that is 5’ tall in an alternative style or color, then again at 4

Use Technology.

Utilize TV displays showing off pictures of installed jobs, color options or helpful videos.



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