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How To Turn Your Card Into a Sales Tool

Yes! The timeless business card can be your “secret weapon” if done right.

You never know when you will run into that potential new customer. Pass them out freely.

This marketing tool fits right into your customer’s wallet. It represents your brand, offering key takeaway information after a face-to-face meeting.

Business cards are great conversation starters. Handing someone your card is a great way to bring up what you do and what you offer. You have an opportunity to give a short pitch about your service without having to write anything down or punch anything into your phone.

No other marketing tool is more effective than a face-to-face meeting. Combined with a smile and a handshake, your business card leaves a new acquaintance with a handy and tangible reminder of your conversation.

How to create an effective business card

Now that you realize the importance of having and using a business card for your fencing company, let’s look at how to make one that stands out from the crowd.

First, determine what basic content must be included on the card: name, title, cell, hours, website, social media, directions, etc.

Two, decide what graphics to include: logo, employee photos, map, QR code, etc.

Three, include a call to action. Examples:​

• Call for a free estimate

• Visit our website for current project photos

• Stop by for a same-day consultation

• No money down, 90 days same as cash

Four, get creative. Think paper thickness and color. Would you like your card to be in a special shape? Will you emboss or foil the card to help it stand out? Or would you prefer a simple, yet elegant card?

Five, choose your size. You can go with a traditional size and shape, or you can consider a fold-over design. What about an oval shape or crimped edges for something a bit different?

Six, choose the type of card stock you want for your card. Avoid flimsy paper that may bend or crease before your potential customer can even use it to contact you.

(See the next side for an example of a great card.)


Things you can do to improve your card

  1. Never give a dirty or bent business card.

  2. Don’t cross out inaccurate information. It makes you look cheap. Instead, print new cards.

  3. Put stickers on your cards but use stickers only when you want to highlight something.

  4. Never print your card on your home printer.

  5. Avoid neon-colored paper. Yes, these cards will attract attention, but they can look gimmicky.

  6. Consider your audience when choosing the type size used on your card. Don’t print too small.

  7. Use capital, bold and italic fonts sparingly.

  8. Use only one or two fonts. Multiple fonts can look messy and poorly designed.

  9. Consider printing on plastic, especially if you want to promote vinyl fences.

  10. Turn your card into a coupon by including a strong offer.

  11. Invent a different card for each season and include a time-sensitive offer on the card.

  12. Create a fold-over card that measures 3.5 X 4 folding to 3.5 X 2.

Keep your cards with you at all times. Pass them out to anybody and everybody. A business card can’t do its job sitting in a box.

Now that you know how valuable these seemingly old-fashioned business tools can be, it’s time to stop reading and to start thinking about your business cards.

Would you like free advice on your business card? Our in-house marketing expert at National Vinyl Products will be happy to critique your card free of charge. Contact your Territory Account Representative or email us at

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