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How to attract more drive-by traffic

You’ve got a great selection of fences, an enthusiastic and well-trained sales team, and the pricing to make the sales happen.

Now all you need are some new customers! In addition to traditional marketing efforts, such as updating your website and social media pages and taking out some ads in local media, what can you do to attract drive-by interest in your fencing business? Here are some ideas for getting attention — and, hopefully, that all-important drop-in visit — from people who are driving or walking by your storefront.


1. Signs

You don’t have much time to attract a potential customer’s attention. It may be time to update your signs.

One way to get a fresh perspective is to drive by your store yourself. Would you know a fencing business was even there? Would you feel inclined to drive into the parking lot if you were shopping for a fence?

Check out what other companies in your area do to attract customer attention, gauging what catches your eye and what doesn’t. Consider the following ideas either on an ongoing basis or to announce a special sale or promotion:

  • Larger signs

  • More colorful signs

  • Banners

  • Flags

  • Balloons

  • Inflatable tube man

  • Employee sign waver

  • Light pole signs

  • A-frames


2. Unused areas

Look beyond the traditional places for signs. If your building has a sloping roof, you may be able to place a sign there, for example. Check your zoning laws to see if you can place a sign near the curb or even over the street. Banners on fences that border your property also can be eye-catching. Try lightweight wicket signs in grassy areas near the road. Is there a billboard nearby you can rent?


3. Moving billboards

Does your delivery truck sport your logo? Where can you regularly park it to attract attention? Better yet, have you considering wrapping your trucks with advertisements. Sometimes the gaudier, the better.


4. Inventory displays

When people can touch and see vinyl fencing, the product can sell itself. And it works 24/7. Use your storefront windows and your store grounds to attract attention to what you do best. Set up an attractive display of vinyl fence samples in your windows, in front of your store, and in your parking lot. Show different colors and styles to demonstrate the variety you offer. Encourage people to take a look at your inventory with attention-getting flags or balloons.


5. Attractive lighting

Keep in mind that potential customers drive by at all hours. Make sure your store and your display fences are visible at night with refreshed or enhanced lighting. That way, potential customers will take note of your location and return when you are open.


6. Parking lot

You can drive pedestrian and drive-by traffic to your store by livening up your parking lot. Make it attractive with trees, planters filled with flowers, and seasonal decorations. Set up your fence samples in realistic groupings to show how they can enhance a home or business.


7. Digital signs

Do not let the cost scare you. There are expensive video digital signs. Then there are less-expensive neon type signs.


8. Solo events

Host charitable events in your parking lot or in your showroom. As people come to support those groups, they will see who you are and what you do at the same time. You also promote goodwill. Say yes when the high school asks to hold a car wash in your parking lot, or the local animal shelter wants to hold a flea market. According to a recent marketing study by Cone. Inc., 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about.


9. Group events

Team up with neighbors. You can increase interest in your vinyl fencing company by partnering with other neighboring businesses on themes and events.

What about a block party to celebrate a big local sporting event? A holiday concert? A food-tasting festival?

When you support your community, you also help promote your business. When you form a partnership with other local businesses, you solidify your role in the community and spread the word about what you sell. Here’s an example. You sell fences, and the nearby real estate office sells houses and property.

Discuss the advantages of a local realtor recommending your fencing company to homebuyers while you do the same for them. You may be able to increase drive-by traffic by helping each other.


10. Apps

Use location-based apps to attract passersbys. You can promote your fencing business by using mobile apps that target customers living or shopping in your area. Apps such as Groupon, Foursquare, Thinknear, and Living Social are some examples of apps you can try to let folks know where you are.


11. Red carpet

Put out the red carpet. Is your entryway welcoming? Spruce it up with new doormats and some attractive additions, such as planters filled with foliage and flowers. Make your guests feel comfortable with a friendly “welcome sign” and make sure they are greeted warmly by a helpful — but not pushy — salesperson.


12. Landscaping

Take care of your landscaping. The way you maintain the area surrounding your store reflects on your brand. What can you do to make it more attractive and appealing to a drive-by customer? Are weeds or trash visible? Do any trees or bushes need trimming? Are there unsightly and possibly dangerous cracks in the pavement?

The shape of retail sales in the U.S. continues to change as consumers use technology to determine their choices and their purchases. However, what you offer as a vinyl fencing retailer with a brick and mortar showroom is still vital to customers.

Use these tips to attract new customers to your store, but then it is up to you and your sales team to wow them with the many advantages of vinyl fencing.


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