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How To Capitalize During Your Busy Season

Have you ever wondered why you should you keep advertising during your busiest time of year? There is a saying in advertising: shoot when the ducks are flying. In other words, advertise when people are most likely to buy your products and services.

Many seasonal companies make the same marketing mistake: they increase their advertising budget during the colder months when business is slow. But when things get busy, they reduce their ad budgets or stop advertising all together.

Not a good idea—especially for your fencing company. This faulty decision can make your slow season even slower, and it could delay the start of your next busy season.

Here is a rule of thumb: your advertising budget should closely match your sales. If sales are up, ad budgets should be up. If sales are down, ad budgets should be down. Allocate ad dollars in relation to your sales volume.

The fence orders and installations you are fulfilling now did not happen overnight. Most of those customers first sought you out in the colder months, especially as Spring approaches. The work you are doing now is the result of weeks and even months or years of consistent advertising.

Here are some steps to take to keep marketing efforts strong this summer and beyond.

1. Update your website.

Now is the time to refresh your website and keep it current with new photos of fences you are installing and new customer testimonials. Potential customers like to see current information, and the updates will give them a good idea of the quality of your work. Consider posting blog articles that are timely, such as cleaning tips for vinyl fences or new vinyl fence color choices.


2. Expand your social media presence.

Update your posts and photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Consider adding a contest with a Fall deadline date. Add links to your website on all your accounts.


3. Get listed in online directories.

Many online directories offer free listings for businesses such as your fencing company. Google your own company to see where it shows up. Make sure your contact information is accurate and consistent on all sites.


4. Reach out to commercial customers.

Commercial clients are always planning ahead. They may be working now on bids for next year and needs fences for schools, playgrounds, parks and buildings. If you wait until the colder months to check in with them, you could miss out on these opportunities.


5. Create and display on-site signs.

Ask your home and business clients if you can install a sign on their fence or near their fence. Incorporate your logo in an eye-catching design. These signs are a great way to get referrals, and they’ll keep working for you all year long.


6. Track leads.

As you communicate with new customers this summer, ask them how they heard about you. This valuable information will help you know which marketing efforts are working and which ones are not.


7. Sponsor local events.

Get your name out there by sponsoring sports teams and other local charitable events. With the pandemic, many outdoor activities, festivals, fairs and other events have been canceled for this summer. However, it’s important to keep your ears and eyes open for ways you can still help by helping to support fundraising efforts during these challenging times.


8. Advertise in your local newspaper.

Local newspapers can offer targeted and valuable results for your advertising dollar. Consider placing a display ad in a special home improvement section, for example, or an ad in a classified ad section.


9. Run a promotion.

Offering a discount or special offer can attract the attention of prospective customers at any time of year. Your contest or promotion will help keep your name out there so customers can make fencing decisions for the future. Put details of the promotion on your website and social media pages and consider a radio or TV spot as well.


10. Use your vehicles as billboards.

If the vehicles you and your employees use don’t advertise your fencing company, you are missing out on an inexpensive form of advertising. Your cars and trucks can serve as mobile billboards. Contact a graphic designer and your local sign shop for ideas for removable decals or vinyl wrappings.


11. Examine ways to expand your business.

Railings for balconies and porches, electronic gate systems what are your ideas for expanding the services your fencing company offers. Begin researching these ideas now so that you can get them underway during the slow season.


12. Stay in touch with previous customers.

A previous customer can become a repeat customer. Maintain a relationship by sending them a friendly email or postcard this summer. When you stay in touch, they will be more likely to call on you when they need new fencing for their home or business. These satisfied customers also are valuable for referring their friends and co-workers to your fencing company.


13. MOST IMPORTANT: Follow a consistent year-round marketing and advertising schedule.

All the previous steps are more manageable when you implement and follow a month-by-month marketing schedule. This plan also will allow you to track your efforts and how they are working in attracting new business.

During the summer, when your fencing heats up along with the weather, it’s easy to think marketing is unnecessary. You may think you can wait until things calm down. If your marketing efforts do not continue throughout the busy months, however, that calming down period may be too calm.

Business magnate Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, once said, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Year-round advertising will maintain your brand in the minds of your customers and help keep your future busy seasons busy.


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