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How To Do Cooperative Advertising With Other Businesses

They say that in time, everything old is new again. Maybe it is time for your fencing business to try “old school” direct mail advertising?

Far from being archaic, direct mail advertising is still an effective modern marketing tool for getting your fencing company’s message into the hands of potential new customers.

According to Inc. magazine, direct mail was used in about 57 percent of marketing campaigns in 2018, an increase of 7 percent over the previous year. According to the magazine, many companies are switching from an all-digital advertising budget to one that also includes traditional print media.

The Direct Marketing Association reports that direct mail had an average response rate of 9% for house lists and 4.9 % for prospect lists in 2018. The house list number is nearly double the percentage for the previous year, indicating that consumers are responding more than ever to direct mail ads.

Direct mail advertising can range from a specialized solo ad for your company to a form of cooperative advertising that is often called “marriage mail.” In this form of cooperative advertising, your fencing ad goes out to potential customers along with other business ads. By combining your advertising dollars with other companies, you can save time and, most importantly, money, over solo endeavors.

Here are some other advantages of cooperative advertising.


Targeted message

With marriage marketing, you can place your ad with other businesses that serve your demographic. People who are looking to buy a new fence are often looking for other home improvement products and services. It is convenient for home and business owners to look through these different ads in one place. That one place can be a colorful, attractive brochure, flyer or packet they receive in the mail. You also can target your marriage mail pieces to a specific age group, household size or neighborhood with cooperative advertising.


Trackable responses

You can easily find out who you are reaching with your direct mail ad. Include a special code or discount offer that is only available through that campaign, and you will be able to track how well the ad is doing its job.


Detailed information

You can include photos of your latest fencing projects, customer testimonials and other details about your fencing company in your direct mail ad. The magazine-quality four-color format of many direct mailers is attractive and inviting.

Are you interested in the possibility of a marriage mail campaign for your fencing company? You can begin by checking out some of the companies that publish the ads.


Create a memorable headline.

The most successful companies have crisp advertising lines. Nike has “Just Do It.” L’Oréal has “Because You’re Worth It.” Maxwell House has “Good to the Last Drop.” You get the idea. Develop a phrase or sentence that customers can use to connect with your fencing products. Avoid clichés as you encourage customers to associate your brand with quality fencing and service. Then use this line on all your advertising for brand consistency.


Make it worth their time.

Offer a discount for mentioning your ad. Shout out your new color or new fence style. It’s easy to ignore the same-old-same-old. Use your ad to grab their attention.


Be bold.

One way to get that attention is through the use of color in a print ad or the use of music in an audio ad. Now, don’t go overboard with this idea. You can turn off your audience by being too crazy, but the careful use of color and sound can make your message stand out and get the notice you need.


Use facts and figures.

How much longer will a vinyl fence last than a wood one? How much will your customers save on repairs and paint? Spell out the advantages of a new vinyl fence with credible and timely research in your ads.


Don’t be too wordy.

Use images and simple words and phrases to get your message across. Save detailed explanations for blog articles and your brochures. A successful ad is short and sweet. Stick to the main points you want to convey and let customers call, visit your website, or stop by your showroom for more information.


Change things up.

Brand consistency is important, so changing things up does not mean rolling out a new logo every few years.That strategy will only confuse your customers. But you should aim to keep your message fresh and timely. For example, you can cater your ads to the seasons with winter specials and summer discounts. Vary the photos you use by showcasing new projects. Have slightly different ads to target commercial customers and residential ones.


Find out what works.

Make it part of your routine to ask customers how they found you. That way, you will know which ads are working and which ones are not. You can use this information to determine when and where to place your fencing ads in the future.

Advertising can seem somewhat like coming up with a magic formula. The truth is that a simple and direct message can always be effective.

You don’t have to come up with the next great “Just Do it” catchphrase. All you need to do to get someone’s attention is to make a point.

Your ad should have a basic headline, a clear image, and some simple copy. Connect what you sell with your audience. What do fences provide? Safety. Security. Beauty. Value. What does your company provide? Integrity. Service. Commitment.


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