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How To Join Online Directories To Attract Fence Buyers

Long gone are the days when your parents and grandparents pulled out a hefty phone book to find a fencing contractor for their home or business needs. Today, we simply pick up our phones and google for recommendations.

If you’re looking to build your business—and who isn’t these days?—it’s time to make sure your fencing company is listed in trusted online business directories. When you increase your visibility in these online directories, you maximize your chances of getting contacted by potential new fencing customers.

In addition to getting your name out there to more people, online directories can enhance your reputation. Consumers view many of these lists as trustworthy resources. They feel more confident in contacting a company that appears on a list that they have used before with success.

Your customers read and compare reviews of a business before visiting a showroom or even a company website. Online directory listings also improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Directory listings show up in initial Google searches and can help point consumers to your website address.

And the best part of these valuable marketing tools is that many of them are free. For the best results, make sure your name and contact information are accurate and consistent across all the sites. Now, let’s look at 10 of the best online directories for your fencing company:

1. Google My Business

There’s a reason the word “Google” became an official part of both the Oxford and Webster’s dictionaries in 2006. Everyone uses Google. An average person uses Google three to four times a day. A Google My Business listing allows you to promote your business website on Google Search and Google Maps. Your free Google My Business profile lets you easily connect with people shopping for a new fencing contractor.


2. Yelp

Positive customer reviews are a crucial part of building a business today. This free business listing site allows you to set up a personalized profile, communicate with customers and advertise your business. Yelp’s customer reviews appear on iPhone Apple Maps, and both Siri and Alexa also rely on Yelp data when suggesting local companies. The basic service is free, but you also can become a certified business for increased visibility and leads on fencing customers.


3. Facebook

You know it as a social media platform, but did you know Facebook also can serve as a local business directory? When you create a free business account on Facebook, you can post pictures, updates and reviews, and you can communicate with customers. By being part of Facebook Places, customers can “check in” at your location.


4. Instagram

With a free Instagram business account, you can help your customers do some of your marketing for you. With hashtags and filters, they can share photos of their new fences as well as their positive experiences dealing with your company.


5. Thumbtack

Since 2008, this online directory has helped consumers find the right small business for their needs. You can appear in Thumbtack searches if you provide at least one review from a past customer and establish targeting preferences to help the service match you with customers.


6. Yellow Pages

This familiar name from printed phone books is still a thing online. claims that about 60 million consumers a month search their site looking for businesses. You can create a free account in minutes.


7. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB helps potential customers find local companies they can trust. You can be part of their general free online listing or get credited as a BBB member.


8. Bing

You can add your business listing to Bing’s large network by claiming an already-existing listing or adding a new one. Complete your business information on the site, including photos and contact information. It’s free.


9. Yahoo Localworks

A basic business listing in Yahoo Localworks is free. The service allows you to submit your business information to multiple directories from one place. More features are available for different fee levels. The exact features and number of directories your listing will be submitted to depend on which Localworks package you sign up for.


10. Home Advisor

A division of Angie’s List, Home Advisor allows home and business owners who are shopping for a new fence to locate your business. The service is free for customers, but as a contractor, you pay a fee for the leads.

Now that you have an overview of some of the top online directories, here are some strategies to keep in mind:

1. Keep it accurate

Having a listing is not a one-and-done deal. Your business may be listed but that does not mean the information remains accurate. It’s a good idea to visit these online directory sites separately in order to claim or update your information. If a listing has an old address or phone number, you may lose a customer before you even knew they were looking for you.

2. Be uniform

Consistency in all fields is essential for your online listings. Here are a few details to pay attention to:

  • Apostrophes (Olson Fences or Olson’s Fences)

  • Abbreviations (Pine St. or Pine Street)

  • Articles (The Best Fencing Company)

  • Address details (10th floor or Suite 1000)

3. Monitor reviews

Negative reviews can sting, but appropriately responding to them can result in a positive image for your company. Be sure to stay on top of all comments, since unanswered negative reviews can lower your trustworthiness. Turn any negative reviews into positive responses.

4. Keep up to date

If you open a second location, add a service or fencing product, or change your address, you must update your listings as soon as possible to avoid confusion.

Online directories listings are a great way to help new customers find you when they need a new fence.


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