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How To Sell Beyond White and Tan

Do your customers assume their only color choices for vinyl fencing are white and tan?

You’re not alone.

Most of the time, customers choose one of those standard colors simply because they do not know other choices are available. If your stock of colored and textured vinyl fence is languishing in the yard, it’s time to boost your sales techniques.

By educating your customers on both the aesthetic and practical advantages of colored and textured vinyl, you can increase your sales revenue, profit margin and as a bonus: build a stronger base of satisfied customers.


Here are some steps to increase your sales of colored and textured vinyl fencing.

1. Highlight color choices.

Get your customers’ attention by playing up the difference a bold color choice can make on their property. Place clear photos of white and tan fencing and colored fencing side by side in your brochures and on your website. Use close-up images to depict the texture differences as well.


Now that you’ve gotten their interest through photos, it’s time to show your customers some real examples. Set up some actual product both inside and outside your showroom, so customers can see and feel the difference in the colored and textured fencing.


3. Integrate before and after photos.

As part of your referral process, ask satisfied customers if you can use before and after photos that highlight the big difference colored fencing has made on their property.


4. Use digital technology.

Take photos of a potential customer’s property and then use imaging technology to show them how a colored fence will look versus a white or tan fence.


5. Share the advantages.

Share with them the benefits of colored and textured vinyl fencing. The best way to increase your sales of colored and textured vinyl is by educating your customers on the benefits.

Lifetime Warranty. Unlike with a stained or painted wood fence, colored vinyl will look beautiful for years to come. Since the color is added in the manufacturing process, rather than painted on the fence later, it is actually part of the material. Additionally, in commercial-grade vinyl fencing, UV inhibitors ensure that the color in your fence stays vibrant for a long time to come. Not having to paint a fence saves time and money.

Better durability. Once you install a colored vinyl fence, it will look the same for years without paint, stain or other treatments. And to keep the colors clean and bright, all you need is some occasional soap and water.

Beauty and style. Colored and textured vinyl fencing is a great way to make your property stand out and reflect your personal style. Do you want a natural look? You can choose from a wide variety of earth tone colors. You can select a weathered wood color that looks well-established while providing the service of a brand-new fence.

You know that vinyl fencing offers less maintenance and better long-term value than wood. Vinyl fences can duplicate all other fences, from a basic privacy fence, to a chain link security fence, to the classic American picket fence. Now make sure your customers know that they can make an even better investment by choosing colored or textured vinyl for their new purchase.


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