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Mastering Post Card Marketing: Strategies for Reaching Your Ideal Audience

Concentrate on a Single Market

Avoid the scattergun approach—ditch mailing to contractors, developers, and homeowners simultaneously. Precision targeting is key to achieving optimal success.


Secure an Accurate Mailing List

Define your target audience. Are you after owners of new or old homes, those in rural or urban settings? Whether they own a wood fence or none at all, there’s a mailing list tailored to your specific audience.



Craft an Irresistible Offer

View your direct mailer from the recipient’s perspective. What incentive would prompt you to engage with the business? A discount, same-day installation, or a tempting pergola plus fence bundle?



Create a Compelling Headline

A captivating headline captures your audience’s attention. Refer to the sidebar for headline ideas that can make your message stand out.



Eliminate the Excess

Cut the fluff—your audience is interested in themselves, not you. Scrutinize your words, ensuring each one contributes to the message’s effectiveness.


Speak Like a Human

Your direct mailer is your “salesperson in print.” Communicate naturally and avoid overly promotional language. Imagine you’re having a face-to-face conversation with your potential customer.


Experiment with Different Formats

Explore diverse direct mail formats—postcards, traditional mailers, oversized options, 3-D mailers, boxes, plastic cases. Be bold and creative.


The Pinnacle: Your Headline

The headline is paramount. Shockingly, 80% of readers focus solely on the headline. That means 80 cents of every marketing dollar is invested in crafting an attention-grabbing headline.


Address the Reader’s Concern: What’s in it for Me?

Your audience is asking one question: What’s in it for me? Kickstart your headlines with these strategies:


Make an Offer
  • 10% off all vinyl fences

  • Free fence installation this month

  • $1.65 off each foot


Announce News
  • Woodgrain fences introduced

  • Vinyl fence pre-spring sale


Spark Curiosity
  • Why the President of the United States won’t buy from us

  • Why would we put steel in our vinyl fences?


Appeal to Self-Interest
  • Why homeowners who own wood fences are switching to vinyl

  • Never paint your fence again

Pose an Intriguing Question
  • Did you know we can install vinyl fences in the middle of winter?




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