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Publicize Your Fencing Company...For Free

When it comes to marketing your fencing business, you want to build brand awareness and showcase your products and services. However, advertising can get expensive. Did you know that there is a promotional tool you can use that doesn’t cost a thing? It is called free publicity.

Free publicity is a way of “using the news or business press to carry positive stories about your company or your products,” according to However, when you broaden that definition to include a wide range of online and print outlets—including social media—you realize that the possibilities for free publicity are vast.

Free publicity can help you promote and expand your fencing business, attract new customers, and build your company’s reputation within your community at no cost. Any fencing business, no matter its size, can generate free publicity. This article offers some ways to garner this attention that you may not have considered.


Share Stories

Community news organizations love a good human-interest story. And, with all the discouraging news events happening these days, we all appreciate a feel-good story more than ever before.

You can honor a member of your team and get the word out about your fencing company by sharing some of the interesting personal happenings in your organization. Here are some ideas:

  • Long-time service. Let local media outlets know about a team member reaching a work milestone. At a time when many people jump from job to job, you can stand out from the crowd if you have someone who has reached their 20-year (or more) mark with your team.

  • Awards. Has someone on your team won an honor or achievement? It could be a sales record in your company or something they have accomplished in their personal life; it doesn’t matter. Their success is your success, so shout it out.

  • Military service. Veteran’s Day is the perfect time to thank your team members who are military veterans for their service. Look for year-round ways to honor veterans and their family members in your community as well.

  • Customers. As long as you get their permission first, you can share intriguing customer stories as well. You may need to think creatively here. Maybe you could highlight that daycare business that has been struggling during the pandemic. Or perhaps you could focus on that new dog park fence that means so much to the community.


Partner with a nonprofit organization

You can do good in your community and do good for your company at the same time. Consider partnering with a local charity by allowing your staff paid time off to serve as volunteers.

Or, even better, take on a group project, such as serving together at the local food bank or building a home with Habitat for Humanity. Photos, videos, and stories of your service will resonate with other community members and build your reputation and make for share-worthy Instagram content.


Stay on top of the news

Post stories or send out press releases that piggyback on the latest headlines. News outlets love to use facts and figures to give their articles more credibility.

For example, when lumber prices soared recently, you could have created a cost comparison of a wood fence versus a vinyl fence. Or when people began working at home during the height of the pandemic, you could have illustrated how a vinyl fence can help create an at-home oasis.


Team up with local businesses

Combine forces with other companies in your area. Local contractors and home builders are good possibilities.

Perhaps you could team up for fencing discounts or free installation services when customers use both of your services. Use your social media platforms to announce your friendly collaboration and gain exposure to a new set of potential customers.


Join professional and trade organizations

Not only do these groups offer valuable information and networking contacts, but they also offer plenty of opportunities for free publicity.

Say “yes” when asked to be interviewed for a newsletter article or to speak at a luncheon meeting. By doing so, you will be putting your name and the name of your business out there in a new light.

Also, most trade and professional organizations publish online or print directories. Make sure your company information is up to date with full contact information and a description.


Help customers can find you easily online

One of the best ways for your business to appear in online searches is to optimize your free Google My Business listing. Link your website with all your social media and make sure any content you post online is rich in local flavor.

Generating free publicity is more of an art than a science. Try thinking like a customer yourself as you explore ways to gain the attention of potential new followers.

For example, if you were thinking of buying a new fence for your home or business, what would attract you to a certain company? Then, follow through with those instincts to make any changes or adjustments in your approach.

Finally, free publicity should not replace your paid advertising campaigns. Instead, think of it as one more tool in your marketing toolbox.


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